Monday, July 27, 2015

Gastien: From Dream to Destiny a Finalist For Two Awards!

I pleased and excited to announce that Gastien: From Dream to Destiny is a finalist for Best Novel and Best Historical Fiction in the 2015 eFestival of Words!

If you would like to vote for my book, please do the following:

Only registered members can vote in the polls. If you'd like to vote the registrations is quick and easy:

Go to the Awards Hall Forum

Go to the 2015 Finalists Sub-forum

Open the thread for the category you want to vote in.

Vote in the poll.REMEMBER: GASTIEN: FROM DREAM TO DESTINY is in TWO CATEGORIES. Please vote in both!

Rinse and repeat until you have voted in each category that you want to vote in.


"...the amazing story of Gastien...even more captivated by Gastien and all the other characters in this book than I was in the engrossed in everything going on that I read the whole book in a day, laughing, crying and feeling compassion for all of the characters especially Gastien himself...experienced every emotion there was and I was emotionally drained by the end, but emotionally drained in a good way." Jenny, Bookaholics blog 

"Caddy Rowland has done such an amazing job with these two books I know that I will ALWAYS make it a point to read EVERYTHING that she writes. Caddy is master of the roller coaster of emotions. It will have you crying one minute and laughing out loud the next." Christina Irelan, Intoxicated By Books 
"Sophie and Gastien have entered the realm of epic romance couples. They prove that true love is unexpected, unconditional, passionate, and flawed."Beccie Weaver, Bookies Book Reviews 
" prepared for the parade of emotions you are going to feel with Gastien and his choices. There is definite happiness, a touch of romance, a splash and a rub of lust, and there is sorrow...a gritty and raw look at the life of a young man who has convictions and sticks to them no matter the cost." -Liz, Fictional Candy
"Gastien is an engaging character, and his journey is brought to life with some great writing and a strong narrative structure...Paris is brought to life vividly and the novel is filled with interesting characters...-Chris Algernon IndieBookSpot

Caddy Rowland is a novelist and painter. Her social media links follow.
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Friday, July 10, 2015

NEW RELEASE! SOLACE: A Caddy Rowland Psychological Thriller & Drama

I'm proud and excited to announce the second book in the Avengement Series is now available! Solace, a psychological thriller, mystery, and drama! The sexy red shoes continue...

Where the hell is Brady? 

It should have taken about a half hour for him to walk to town and back. As Tory heads out to walk the beach searching for him, a soft smile plays on his face. He can just imagine the ribbing Brady will give him when they meet coming toward each other. 

Instead, he comes face to face with his worst nightmare. There is his husband, lying in the water, bleeding and gasping for breath. Brady, petrified and struggling to stay alive, tries to tell Tory something about a boat. Then his frightened eyes stare into Tory’s as he manages to say “I love you” one last time. He’s gone before Tory can even tell him the same. 

The police believe it’s a robbery gone wrong. Tory wonders if it isn’t a hate crime. He swears he’ll find the killer, even if the police give up trying. No one is going to get away with gutting the man he loved, leaving him like trash to die alone. Nothing will stop him from getting justice for Brady. 

Not even murder. 

Buy For Kindle   Buy for NOOK  Waiting for it to go live on I-tunes and kobo, which will happen anytime now. Paperback coming in August!

This book can stand alone. However, Tory plays a very important part in the first book of the Avengement Series, Stiletto, so if you haven't read it you may want to. You'll get to know him quite well there and really learn to love him by the time you begin to read Solace. Plus, the main character from Stiletto (Jasmine) returns as a VIP side character in Solace. Here iis the photo and the buy links for Stiletto, too:

I hope you enjoy Solace! Please consider sharing this with your friends and relatives who enjoy reading.

Caddy Rowland is a novelist and painter. Her social media links follow.
To find out about her novels visit
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Twitter: @caddyorpims