Sibley Jackson (my pen name for gay m/m romance)

I am also writing gay m/m romance novels under the name of Sibley Jackson.

I don't have time to maintain two separate blogs, author accounts on social media, etc. so I am combining where I can, It gives me more time to write for YOU!

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Once the Raw Series (Raw Lust, Raw Ambition, and Raw Need) are published I will no longer be writing serials under Silbey, but full-length m/m romance novels. Here is the first full-length novel:

*Note: This gay romance contains graphic m/m sex scenes.

Z: dynamic, in your face sexual rock star in the making. He and his band, Wild Riot, are hoping to hit the big-time, and they’re getting close. He knows a relationship is out of the question if he hopes to make it big. 
Jason: low key and handsome, he’s sworn to never care for a guy again—at least not without taking it slow and easy. He chose poorly once. By the time he walked away, his self-esteem had been in shreds.

Then Wild Riot takes the stage at the city’s most popular gay club. Jason has scored a front row table. He’s heard all about the band and their sexy lead singer. Big deal. He’s seen a ton of bands.

A single spotlight explodes from the darkness, illuminating Z. Their eyes meet—and the heat between them could incinerate the whole damn place.

Before the first set ends, both know they can’t walk away. Not until they’ve had one night of scorching, animalistic sex. 

After all, neither is looking for anything more. Especially nothing as inconvenient and terrifying as love.

ATTENTION: 1/3 of this story was published on Amazon only in serialized form, under the name The Performance Series. 2/3 of this story is new, due to popular demand for Z and Jason. Even if you have read The Performance Series, you will enjoy the Raw Trilogy. 

Amazon for kindle/paperback: 
Performance Series

The Performance Series has been unpublished. Don't worry, Jason and Z are back with the Raw Series! Their story was well-received, and I love them so much I want to tell their story more in depth. Jason and his rock star boyfriend, Z, will be featured in three full-length novels. See above.


Where There's Smoke Series

Where There's Smoke Series has been unpublished. Don't worry, the story of Jason's roommate, Andy, and his boyfriend, Cody, will be back. The six serials will be combined into one novel, and offered after the Raw Series is published. Publishing it earlier would ruin the surprises in the Raw series. 

The Broken Series

The Broken Series is still available in episodes on Amazon. It, too, will be made into one novel and released at way after the Raw Series is completed. Thank you.

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