Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not Messy But Dirty (Housecleaning Sucks!)

Last Saturday my husband and I decided to give our house a thorough cleaning.  Well, not the basement.  That would take the whole weekend.  The basement is my art supply area and the place where projects in progress linger.  Need I say more? Artists need stuff out where they can get it immediately.  That does not equal clutter free.

Anyway, the whole main living area was ravaged with dust cloths, feather dusters and vacuums.  We did not leave anything alone.  Carpet edgings got vacuumed. (Yes, we still have carpet, much to my husband's delight and my chagrin.) Ceiling and walls got hit with the feather thingy.  Furniture got vacuumed  I even polishing the silver pieces in my hutch!

It took us all of Saturday. We finally got our first meal at 9:30 pm.  Man, that is a lot of work!  It looked great...on Saturday.  Slowly, so slowly one sees the dust and debris show up on furniture and carpets.  We will still dust and vacuum, but we live by our own motto.  You know how most say "We are messy, but we aren't dirty"?  Not us.  We don't like clutter (except in my art area.  :)  ) but we don't mind our own dirt.  We aren't messy, but we are dirty. There.  I said it.  If friends base their friendship on how clean my house is I don't need those friends in my life. I do have other talents.

Sorry.  Too many other things to do in this short life.  I used to drive myself nuts about it.  Used to wash walls until my knuckles bled.  Not anymore.  Not for years.  There are only two of us and two parrots.  We do vacuum the parrot dust up, but we don't clean as often as we probably should.

Still, I worked in property management for eight years.  I can tell you that 90% of people are dirtier than we are.  Even the well dressed, neat looking ones can surprise you.  Seriously, you would not believe the hell holes I entered when I had to go into apartments.  And these were nice apartments, not ghettos!  That is when I learned I could relax a little...actually a lot...and still have a cleaner home than most people on this planet.

I really hate cleaning.  It is boring.  Although I did learn a trick that helps a little.  I read somewhere to think about who gave you each item or where you were or who you were with when you bought or received each item as you dust.  That does give me some pleasant memories while cleaning.  It helps.  A little.  OK...not much.

It was sure nice to relax on Sunday in a totally clean house.  Not nice enough to do it again anytime soon, though.  That I can say with no hesitation.  That, my friends, is a wrap.

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