Friday, November 9, 2012

Giselle: Keeper of the Flame (Book 4 of The Gastien Series)

I am pleased to announce that book 4 of The Gastien Series is now available for Kindle, NOOK and kobo.  It will be available for paperback by the end of November.

Europe is full of dark memories. Giselle's love is forbidden; her chance to be a mother destroyed. She flees to New York where she becomes the haute couture fashion designer to the wealthy, high-society Grand Dames of New York. After all, she had been mentored by the legendary Charles Worth himself.
Giselle’s past remains cloaked in shadows, increasing her allure. Her heart is engaged by a man who comes to her only in secrecy, drawing her back to her mysterious past.

When her brother dies and his wife abandons their child, she takes on the care of her infant nephew. Giselle decides she has to stop and take stock of her life. She has been given her one chance to be a mother, but the cost will be the end of the few moments she can still have with her one true love.
Yet love is not easily destroyed for those who are strong enough to survive its pain. For Kindle readers (Book 4) For NOOK readers (Book 4) For kobo readers (Book 4)

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Thanks for bearing with me while I announce this new release.  We will get back to Those Crazy Bohemians with the next blog. 

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