Thursday, April 18, 2013

Introducing the Final Book in The Gastien Series! Gastien: Circle of Destiny

Today is a day for tooting my own horn. Yes, I'm going to be selfish and talk about my books. You see, I have finally finished my frist series. The Gastien Series in a set of five full length novels. They are adult drama/family saga steeped in history. From the womanizing grandfather, Gastien, to his very conventional son, and now his darling gay namesake, we travel over one hundred years from Paris to the U.S.A. and back again.

This series is very dark and emotional. It is raw, gritty and contains adult scenes and themes. The sex is extremely graphic at times. Why? Because this family lived life to the fullest and didn't hold anything back. (It took the son, Tristan, awhile, but he came around.)

Most of all, the story is about decisions and choices, and how those made in the nineteenth century go on to affect the family for generations to come. The books ask the question of exactly how far you would go to achieve your heart's desire, be that one of love, money or fame. How bad do you want it? Do you have a choice?

I hope you have been following the story. Here, at last, is the final book of The Gastien Series.

Gastien Beauchamp will discover that destiny has a way of completing what it starts. He is the final link of the Beauchamp destiny – a destiny that will not be denied. Being the new darling of the cutthroat New York City art scene is wonderful, but a kiss from his mentor opened a door to a new and terrifying world. America in the 1940s is no easy place to be gay. His secret could cost him more than just his blossoming career. He could lose his life.

As his fame and wealth grow, Gastien’s personal life plummets out of control. Finally embracing who he is, Gastien meets the man of his dreams when he moves to Paris. Unfortunately, that man has vowed to never give love a chance to break his heart again – and everything about Gastien sends loud warning signals to his brain.

Gastien wants it all: fame, fortune, and love.

Maybe that’s asking for too much.

This historical fiction novel is book 5 of a 5 book drama/family saga for adults (The Gastien Series). Each book can stand on its own, but is most compelling read in order.

Please let me know how you like the series. All fair and honest reviews are appreciated at Goodreads and the site where you purchased the books. For Kindle readers (Book 5) For NOOK readers (Book 5) For kobo readers (Book 5) To order paperback (Book 5)

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