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FREE OFFER: Celebrating the Completion of "The Gastien Series"


As an indie author of a five book series that is historical fiction, family saga, and drama, I am excited to finally have The Gastien Series complete. This series spans three generations, bouncing between France and the United States over a period of one hundred plus years. As such, it is both French historical fiction  and American historical fiction. The series is also psychological fiction (see definition by clicking link)

Different books in the series belong in different genres. All five fit in the aforementioned categories. The first book, Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream is also a coming of age novel. (over 148,000 words)

The second, Gastien Part 2: From Dream to Destiny is also a love story between a man and a woman, yet it does not fit the formula for romance. (over 128,000 words) Did you really expect a bohemian artist to fit inside of a formula? :)

The third Tristan Michel: Bloodline of Passion (115,000 words) is all of the above.

Giselle: Keeper of the Flame, book four, (113,000 words) is all of the above and the second half is gay fiction and gay coming of age.

The fifth, and final, book Gastien: Circle of Destiny is all of the above except for coming of age. Additionally, it is a gay romance (yes, it fits the formula) and a gay love story.  (over 142,000 words) It is perhaps the most tender story of the series.

When I finished the series I realized that I had included at least one gay or lesbian character in each book. I didn't set out to do that on purpose and so I paused to wonder why. Then I realized it came natural to me because I have knowingly had gay and lesbian friends since the 1970's. Upon further thought I realized that ALL books should have gay and/or lesbian characters in them because all families do...but unfortunately too many have to hide it. I dream of the day when we are all accepted as human beings and sexual preference is not a dividing factor.

So, now The Gastien Series is complete, and I felt I wanted to do something celebrate it. Realizing that many people would hesitate to buy a new author's long novels, especially five of them, I decided to take a risk and make my gift this:


That's right. Free on Amazon (although they may at times make it .99 and I can't control that), on kobo, I-Store and by ordering from by blog directly for .pdf, .mobi or epub.  mobi epub .pdf Amazon I-Store kobo

Why? Because I get that you may be hesitating to spend the time and money required to read a series of great length. That's fair. I believe so much in this series that I'm willing to gamble that you will be hooked after the 83,000 words and continue on to purchase Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream and the other four books. I believe it's that good. If you don't agree, you don't lose any money, just a little time, right?

Yes, the first 83,000 words are in Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream...but you get another 65,000 words when you buy it. Those 65,000 words are as long as the vast majority of novels out there. The 83,000 FREE sample is longer than most full length novels.I hope you give The Gastien Series a try by downloading the FREE SAMPLE. I needed to give it a cover, so it is called Gastien: The Beginning.

You will also always find them on my blog page, facebook page and Goodreads page.

Happy Reading! I hope you find  The Gastien Series turns out to be well worth your time and small (at only $4.99 each) investment after reading the free sample.

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