Monday, March 10, 2014

Are You Counting on Amazon for New Release Info?

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Many people wondered why I started my own New Release Email Notification about a year ago:

Clicking the link and signing up guarantees you will ONLY get a notification when I have released a new book. No newsy, chatty newsletter. No spam. The continuing option to opt out at any time.

But, why do that? After all, Amazon has a place to click through for the same thing, right on the author's personal page on Amazon. Or so you thought. It sounded like such a great idea: Amazon implementing a simple "one click" solution to keeping track of whem your favorite authors release a new book. Easy, right?

Except it doesn't work. Some of us authors have been testing it, and clicking on the "Email me when there are new releases by (insert author's name)" under Stay Up to Date on any author's page on Amzaon is sporadic at best.

Sometimes we get no notification at all. Sometimes we get a notification a couple of weeks after a book has been released. Really? If you love an author's book, or are in the middle of a series, don't you want to get that book you've been waiting months for as quickly as possible? What if they offered an introductory special for the first, say, 48 hours? Or the first week? And you got the notice TWO WEEKS after the release? Bummer.

There's a simple solution to this. Most savvy authors nowadays have their own mailing list. Some call it a newsletter. Some call it a new release email notification. All you have to do is click on it and sign up. Then you'll always know as quickly as possible when that author's new releases come out.

A word of warning: IF you don't like to get anything but an email when a new release comes up, read what the author says will be sent. Some do send chatty newsletters. If you don't like those, then don't sign up. Or sign up and try it, knowing you can opt out if the newsletters are too frequent.

If an author says they ONLY send new release information, that's what you should be able to count on them sending. If it's something different, simply opt out if you don't like what's being sent.

Why not start signing up for those notification s and/or newsletters when your favorite writers offer them? It quick, easy, and guarantees you won't be left in the dark for weeks when that new book comes out.


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