Thursday, April 3, 2014

Great new site for reviews of M/M and LGBT fiction

I'm excited about a new review site both as a reader and an author. Rainbow Gold Reviews is a great place to find new LGTB or M/M books to read AND a fabulous place to get your M/M of LGTB book reviewed if you are an author.  Here is their link: In fact, they have a scavenger hunt going on right now! Venture on  over there and find out more about it, please!

They are using a 10 "Pot of Gold" system for reviewing so they can get more detailed. In addition, they offer a lot of fun contests, author chats, etc on their facebook page: 

As an author that writes novels about the sublime joy and bitter tragedy of being human, I have straight, gay and lesbian characters in my novels, and some of the novels feature a gay (or in the future, lesbian) main character. Why? Because humanity truly is a rainbow of different types of people. Humanity is made up of different races, sexual preferences, religions, ethnic groups, lifestyles, likes, name it. I write drama, and drama happens to everyone.I also really enjoy reading gay fiction (much more than I do M/M because I don't often read romance and M/M is usually romance) for the same reasons. I find the struggles gay and lesbian people have gone through fascinating, heartbreaking, and enlightening. I've also always had gay and lesbian friends in my life, so it happened without really planning on writing it. Now I make a point of doing so.

I mentioned I don't often read romance. That's because of the strict formula romance writing is subjected to. I don't enjoy reading books that I KNOW have to have a happy ending, that I KNOW the two people in love with never cheat. I like to be SURPRISED—both good and bad. However, I do make some exceptions and read some gay romance because writer's of it tend to color outside the lines. It takes guts to do that, and I applaud those who do. 

Why don't you stop over and visit Rainbow Gold Reviews and see what they have to offer? It's new, so I'm cheering for them. I also hoping they don't just end up being another M/M gay romance site. We need places that promote solid LGBT fiction in all genres. Humans read more than romance—no matter what their sexual orientation is.


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