Friday, June 26, 2015

Today, June 26, 2015 HISTORY IS MADE! Supreme Court Makes Gay Marriage Legal Nationally!

The United States Supreme Court has declared the right to marry for LGBT people in ALL states of the USA. This is a major victory for love, equality, and happiness. Many days lately I haven't been proud to be an American. Today is a day I am proud to be a citizen of this country. Today, the Supreme Court decided to side with decency, love, and equality instead of fear, bigotry, and hate.

Today they showed empathy. They showed clear-headed equality.

Thank you to those who voted in favor and got this passed. A country can't stay strong if its citizens are forced to live their lives according to only some people's beliefs and fears, some people's ignorance and lack of understanding.

Today, our highest court said: No more. No more will states be able to discriminate because of a group of loudmouths who want to shove their false beliefs on others. No more will this country stand by and allow hospitals to ban people from their loved ones bedside just because the state has decided they're not worthy of a simple marriage license. No more will we turn our back on someone's right to love simply because we don't happen to like who they're attracted to. No more.

Instead, they voted for love. When a country stands for love, all kinds of positive possibilities shine in the horizon. This isn't the end of the struggle for LGBT rights, but it's a good win. It means those possibilities are ripe to turn into probabilities, and then finally fact and law.


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