Friday, September 14, 2012

Transition of Seasons

As an indie author I have the pleasure of sitting outside and writing my stories during the nice weather. Here in Minnesota, that means for slightly less than half of the year.  Usually starting in May, and runnig through October, it's warm enough to sit outside and write without being too chilly. April is nice, but one would need a jacket and usually it rains.  So much for bringing the ol laptop out!

We had an unseasonably warm summer this year (as did most of the nation) with about 32 days over 90 degrees F. We usally get about 14 I think. We have a lot of 80's, though.  But, as warm as the summer was, fall is arriving very early this year! I couldn't believe it when I saw a few leaves changing in August.  WHAT???

They say it is because of the drought. We haven't had a good rain for over a month now.  I guess that, combined with cooler evening temps, has talked the trees into peeling off their clothes early. I bet we will see peak as far as leaf color goes the very early part of October.  Here in the Twin Cities that usually does not happen until mid to late October.

Temperatures have been fickle just like autumn. It was in the mid-90's Tuesday and in the 60's Wednesday.  Now we will have three days in the 80's and next week?  50's a couple of days.  Yikes.
Time to start thinking about retiring the capri slacks and getting out the socks and jackets.  Bummer.
I'm a summertime type o' gal and I hate to see the hot weather go. I will be the first to admit that without our pool I would not be wishing for the 90's, though. When it's that hot you really can't enjoy doing anything but being in the water.

It's funny how you automatically start changng when fall approaches.  Suddenly I have lost interest in my annuals.  Oh, I water them and pick off dead blossoms...but I'm ready to move on. Chili and scalloped potatoes with ham au gratin is starting to sound better than burgers on the grill. A fire in the fireplace sounds romantic.

Yeah, I am a summertime type o' gal...but hot chocolate and kisses by the fire is pretty darn nice, too. Especially if that hot chololate has a little something extra in it to warm the spirits.


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