Monday, August 4, 2014

Eye Candy. What Makes YOU Hot?

Okay, this indie author was all set to blog about never underestimating a grandma and all of a sudden an email came. A writer friend mentioned that he wondered if it was good or bad to have people on book covers, as who he finds hot another might not. Well, never one to shy away from thinking (and sharing!) about what looks get me going, I shot him back an email...and decided to blog about same subject.

So this blog is for fun. It's trite and shallow. It's about looks only. Yeah, we know other things are just as, or more, important. So what? Let's have some fun. It's probably surprising to some that a fifty some year old woman would still even think about this, but let me assure you that never stops. Not according to what I hear from older friends.

Anyway, I remember reading posts with lots of replies on boards about people on covers. It seemed to end up about 50/50. Some people want them, some want to imagine how the character looks. Most, I'm wagering, still do that even with a picture of the character on the cover. But my friend was right. What I think is sexy in looks may be the opposite for you.

I am attracted to men and here are my likes and dislikes:

 Hair color doesn't matter. Hair length doesn't matter, as long as it goes good with the face and, if long, it's nice hair. Thin, straggly long hair turns me off. Nice long hair is gorgeous, no matter the length.

If a guy has feminine eyelids (Paul McCartney eyelids, the kind most women have) instead of deep-set eyes where you don't see the lid, that is a plus to me. Soulful. Yummy.

Muscles? Um, no thanks. At least not the kind body builders have. They look bulky and cloddish, and like they can hardly move. Clumsy in bed. Ick. But slight muscles, or swimmer/gymnast muscles are a turn-on. They are muscular, but not big globs of muscle. Long, lean muscles instead of bulky. Yes, thank you.

And what's with the muscle thingys on body builders that make their neck connect to their shoulders like slumped shoulders. I HATE that look. I like straight shoulders, not an upside down V thing.

I don't really care for hairy chests, but if I loved someone who had one it would be okay. I wouldn't expect them to shave it, what a hassle.

And I do love me some pretty boy. Yup. There it is, out in the open. A guy that looks pretty or androgynous is a huge turn-on to me. He looks creative, kinky, adventuresome, and like he'd be one hell of a lot of fun in bed and out. A little make-up and an earring? All the better. Oh, let's experiment on each other. Please. Yeah, that guy doesn't play by the rules, and I'm so glad he doesn't. "Oh, you prefer men? That's okay. I'll watch and take photos." (Yeah. Another fantasy of mine. I probably should of warned you at the beginning. You're thinking, "Oh my God, Caddy...did she just admit that in public?" Hey, I'm human. We all have our kinks, even if we don't act on them. Sigh.)

For me, the ass is the sexiest part of a man, with eyes a close second.  Give me a nice, firm ass and Paul McCartney eyes with guy-liner on them and you've got a deal. The big deal of the day. And it's all behind curtain three!

Men in uniform: military, cops or firemen do NOT turn me on. In fact, quite the opposite. I have always fought authority (and just like the song, authority always wins. Usually.) and so those men do nothing for my libido. Suffice it to say we've never played cop in our bedroom. And never will. Unless Dave wants me to be the cop. Then we might talk.

All through grade school I had this almost rabid fear that I would be sent to boarding school, put in jail, or forced into the military. I knew I would die because I wouldn't fall into line. It would be a slow death, too. When I thought about these things my stomach hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. Don't ask me why the military because "girls" didn't often go into the military then. But I knew males got drafted and I remained certain they'd change it at any time, just to torture me. Yeah, authority figures and I don't get along much. That probably also explains why I was self-employed most of my life.

Well, I didn't marry a pretty boy, but he did make the grade. He had nice, defined muscles from farm work, but not bulky. He had a slender, slighter build and a damn fine ass. Great, straight shoulders. The sexiest eyes I'd ever seen, even without the Paul McCartney lids. And that smile? Ah, man. When he smiles all bets are off. I'll even put away my police handcuffs then.

However, the dude won't let me put make-up on him. Ah, well. Nobody is perfect.

How about you? What kind of looks turn you on and what looks do the opposite? I'd love to know!

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  1. i so fancy the pretty boy....the muscle bound just does not do it....and the main character on a book cover..oh yes...let the Fantasies begin...;)

  2. If there's a picture on a book then that is the character, which can be a pity if it's a model I've already seen on a dozen other book covers, or if he's doing that broody pouty "Who you looking at, bitch?" expression that I suppose is meant to be sexy. Two men looking at each other, is better because one of the points of M/M for me is that I don't feel involved in the romance at all. It's for them - they care for each other - I'm just an interested observer, prepared to scroll past the boinking, if any. Best of all are the covers that have been painted or that show real invention by the digital artist. Paul Richmond, Nathie, Ann Cain, all produce stunning artwork.
    Attractive blokes - oh runners/swimmers/rock climbers muscles, long and lean and a sensible amount of body hair. :) but I'd sooner look than touch, if you know what I mean.