Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guys Week At The Rained Out Lake

Every year my husband and his brothers go back to their hometown and stay at the lake for five days.  No spouses are invited.  This is a time to just be together as brothers and have fun. The youngest brother, Lee, still lives in that little hometown and owns a place on the lake. The other four brothers make the sojourn, gifts of food and liquor in hand.

They have been doing this for decades.  So far, only one time did they get totally rained out.  It was so bad that they even cut it short by a day. Something tells me that this year might be rain out number two.The weather forecast does not sound good.

Is there anything worse than days of rain while out at a lake? It wouldn't be so bad for them if all of the guys played cards, but not all of them do. Their pass times of choice out there include pontooning while listening to old rock music (enjoying several beverages I am sure), throwing in lines off the dock, playing lawn golf, and more of the same.  Seriously, the whole five days revolve around those three things.  Like I said, they are male...and they are brothers. God forbid they try something new!

Note that all of those things count on decent weather. Yes, they can do into town. Still, they are old enough and smart enough to know that they can't party and then drive back to the lake, so that option is not the greatest.  Not too exciting sitting in a municipal liquor store sipping a coke while your brothers get snockered.

The town is celebrating their 125th this year (125th what, I am not sure.  Day it has rained this spring? Year in existence? Beer drank by the mayor this week? Time they wished
this week that there was somewhere decent to eat late at night?) I hope the celebration does not get ruined by rain, but it does not look promising. So, even coming into town for that may not be much fun.

On the bright side, people all along the lake can thank the good Lord above for small favors.  This Fathers Day week they may get a break from hearing the loud 60's and 70's music from a certain pontoon and seeing a bunch of late 50 and early 60 year olds "cruising" along the water (up and down, up and blaring) and pretending they are 18 again.  Ah, the blessing of mind altering beverages!

Truly, I hope the weather surprises the forecasters and the guys get to celebrate in all their glory. Not because I am such a kind and generous spirit.  It is mostly because I don't want to have to listen to that old music when we vacation in July here at home! I have my "new" music ready at the helm.  You know.  The underground 70's stuff that only us in the know are familiar with. Ummm.  Okay.  Maybe that was decades ago, too, but that doesn't mean I am out of it. It simply means I am cutting edge with slightly duller scissors.  Doesn't it?

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