Monday, June 11, 2012

Really Tired of Self Appointed Sheriffs of Life

What is it with all of the self-appointed sheriffs of life the past couple of years? Is it just me, or are too many people deciding that they have the right to police the actions of everyone else? Nor do they do it in a polite or kind way.  Give someone the benefit of the doubt? Oh, hell, no! These sheriffs seem to assume that just because "they" have all the answers and "know" all of the right things to do (in their book anyway) they are free to insult, demand, or aggressively spout off to anyone they please.

News flash to Mr. and Ms. Know-it-all: When you see someone committing  "sin" according to your book, it is possible (I know you need to stretch your mind a lot here) that they simply don't know they are doing something wrong.  OR, in some instances, YOU might be wrong.  And, lastly, sometimes NEITHER of you is wrong and it is none of your damn business! Ever hear "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"? That is a cliche for a reason.  It reeks of common sense.

So, put away that taser of a tongue and try to treat people with some respect. You want to point out their faults, mistakes or inadequacies? Fine. Don't allow one of yours to show by being rude about it. You, after all, are obviously the smarter of the two.  Surely because of that you should have the capability of giving the benefit of the doubt and at least starting our your "correction" by being pleasant. The whole world is not waiting to be "fixed" by you.

See, we generally get along fine in our everyday life without some sanctimonious "corrections" officer, who is a stranger, deciding to snap on the handcuffs verbally and give us a lashing. How you treat others is as big of a part of "being right" as making sure people follow the rules. Snapping at people or automatically assuming that they know they did something wrong is arrogant and short sighted. Either lighten up or shut up. You aren't God.  I am willing to bet you even make some mistakes.  I am also willing to bet you don't like being aggressively chastised when you make them.

Don't get me wrong.  When people do something wrong, they should sometimes be told. Maybe, though, it does not always have to be you telling the whole world off. If you have decided that you should be the one to tell them, please do it respectfully and kindly.  Don't assume the worst about every person you think does wrong.  And remember, just to throw another cliche in the mix, when you point a finger, three fingers are pointing back at you.

I try to do the right thing.  Sometimes I fail. I appreciate being told when I do something wrong.  But I don't appreciate "the sheriff" accusing me of knowingly doing it when I didn't know, and I don't imagine those "sheriffs" like it when it happens to them either.

There are just too many sheriffs around nowadays and not enough deputies of kindness and consideration. Can't we all try to be a little nicer to each other? Maybe we could round up a posse and drive some of these "sheriffs" to some island where they could all police each other. Then the rest of us can live in peace, kindly pointing out mistakes when we have to; forgiving and looking the other way when we don't. Good God, just imagine. People allowing each other to be human. What a concept.

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