Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lessons of Life From My Annual Flowers

Every year I get as excited as a child at Christmas when it is time to buy annuals for my yard. In fact, it IS my Christmas; in more ways than one. The first way is material.  My husband and I don't exchange gifts at Christmastime. We are childless by choice and so we usually have had spendable income to buy what we want anyway. Sometimes we go together during the season and buy things we each want on sale after the holidays. Other times we pick out one big thing or nothing at all.

But the second, and more important way, that it is like Christmas is spiritual for me. Working with my plants brings me back to nature and to the creative force that makes us all. The feelings I get when pruning, preening, fertilizing, and watering are primal and nourishing. I am connected with something higher than me and I can feel healing.

My mind is renewed and refreshed. I can forgive others more easily.  And, best of all, I see the simple beauty in the circle of life.  Things come to be, grow, bloom, and eventually die. The process is eternal and non- discriminatory. Nothing is more or less important than another. Everything responds and sings it's creation tune. Most of all, nothing (and no one) gets out of here alive.

I am reminded how important it is to "bloom" myself. To allow myself to be happy and satisfied, instead of worried and looking past the now toward tomorrow.  Today is here. Bloom now. Open my leaves and absorb the love of friends and family. Accept the flowers I have been given and make them thrive.  Gracefully give them up when the time comes.

Annuals teach me all of these things. Perennials are nice, but annuals are the ones that really speak to me. They show me, once again, the circle of life in one short season. Breathing slows and a sense of wonder and content envelopes me.  They are beautiful.  I am beautiful. We are eternal, yet individually all of us are "annuals". What breathtaking beauty each of us has during our short time here! All is well with the world. All is well.

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