Monday, July 9, 2012

Freedom of Religion Means More Than Just Yours

There are certain groups of people lately who are loudly protesting that religion is being silenced in our country.  While that may be true, what is even more interesting is that they want their religion to be front and center, pounded down the throats of everyone, and the only religion publicly displayed.

How is this freedom of religion?  I am all for freedom.  I believe that freedom of religion is a right all of us are entitled to.  That means that if my religion is not yours, I am fully entitled to believing it, professing it, and living it. Freedom of religion does not mean you should be able to display Christian themed displays but other religions can't display theirs.  It does not mean that you are free to be Catholic or Lutheran, but not Islamic.  It does not mean you are free to believe in God but not free to be Atheist. People also have the right to worship Satan or Starbucks or whatever they wish.

See, the problem with those people who protest loudly about their freedom of religion is that they only want that freedom for those who believe in Christianity.  That is not freedom.  It is discrimination.

A month or so ago, I made light of Romney's religion believing in magic underwear.  A right winger scolded me about freedom of religion.  Yes, I agree that Mormons have the right to believe underwear protects them from Satan. However, the rest of us also have the right to publicly question things we find stupid, regardless of what religion practices it. Interestingly, the GOP embraces Romney's right to choose his religion, but some far rights want to keep trying to convince us that President Obama is Muslim.  Even if he was, isn't that his right? Or does freedom just apply to Republican candidates?

Truly, the religiousity of the majority of "Christians" has turned more people away from their religion in the last few decades than they have inspired.  Other people are tired of hearing why one Christian religion is right while another Christian religion is not "saved".  They are tired of seeing news about priests molesting boys but nothing is done, and the followers continue to support their church.  They are tired of so called "witnesses" abusing children and elders looking the other way (Silent Lambs). Other people go to jail for these heinous acts.  Not them.  People are just plain tired of so called "Christians" making a mockery of their religion and of our freedom.
Christ preached love, tolerance and forgiveness.  Most of us see very little of that coming from the majority of right wing "Christians" today. Those "Christians" are more interested in running to church, religious meetings, and being right than in actually making a difference in other peoples lives.  No, not unless there is a chance to convert those other people.  If there isn't, they can't waste a moment making lives better.  There are too many Bible verses they have to memorize and twist into their own self righteous meaning.

Freedom of religion.  Those that call loudly for it are the most guilty of wanting to disallow it from others. What would Jesus do indeed.  One thing I do know.  He wouldn't hate and he wouldn't exclude. The Bible says judgement is reserved for God. Funny how certain "Christians" conveniently forget that particular verse.


  1. That is always the thing when some right wing nuts want to display the Ten Commandments in a courthouse or something. I mean if Muslims came along and wanted the Koran displayed at courthouses all those right wingers would complain about that. I remember on a message board once a wingnut got cornered and finally just screamed, "This is a Christian country!" Well no it's not. Even if "freedom of religion" back in 1789 only meant freedom to be Catholic or Protestant, the world has changed.

    Though it's not always Christians causing the trouble. Look at what happened with the cartoon of Mohammad in a Dutch paper a few years back. Sorry Muslims but freedom of religion means they can show pictures of Mohammad whether you like it or not. It's a two-way street.