Friday, July 6, 2012

Why You SHOULD Talk About Sex, Religion, and Politics

Everyone has heard that you should refrain from talking about sex, religion, and politics.  When you really stop to think about that, doesn't it seem that "someone" wants to shut people up?  I mean, what are we supposed to talk about with others? Fashion? Celebrities? Other people?

Unfortunately, many people subscribe to this belief and do spend their time discussing mundane, and sometimes hurtful (as in talking behind people's backs) things instead of issues that matter.  Oh, yes, sometimes conversations get REALLY meaningful and there is discussion about childcare tips (nothing wrong with this sometimes between those interested, but...all of the time?) and recipes (don't we all have about ten million that we never have the inclination to make already?), or cars (deeply meaningful) and dirty jokes (increases brain power). And let's not forget sports! The result of a game truly affects most of our lives in major ways.

I happen to think that NOT talking about sex, religion, and politics is downright dangerous. You see, while you are busy discussing that awful dress that Amanda wore last week, people are busy somewhere making major life decisions for the whole country (and world).  Those decisions usually center around sex, religion, and politics.

If you stay quiet, others decide for you. They often decide in ways that are not beneficial. If you stay quiet, people are discriminated against because of sexual preference or religion. Politics can change law...but only if enough people cry out for it.

I am not saying you should preach.  I am saying we all should talk about things that are important and be mature enough to let others also share their opinions.  Then vote to make decisions that change laws regarding the "Big Three". If you don't talk about it, you stay ignorant.  Yes, ignorant.  And ignorant people can be (and are) controlled. Is that what you want? Don't you care if you have the freedom to love who you want and believe how you want?  As long as you can discuss lasagna recipes is it okay for other people to decide for you? But, just talking isn't enough.  You also need to vote. Otherwise, your talk is just hot air.
Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." I think she had something there, and I don't think she meant ideas for creating new chicken casseroles.

Don't be afraid to discuss things that are important. Our quality of life depends on it. If you don't, you could quite possibly find yourself living under laws that limit your freedom and happiness because it was more important discussing Tom Cruise's latest divorce than making sure all people's happiness and freedoms are protecting and ensured. Trust me, there are plenty of people talking right now about laws they either want to make or make sure DON'T get made in order to keep rights and happiness from others.

You think your opinion doesn't matter?  Those that want to keep people from being all that they can be are counting on you believing that.  They want you to shut up and party, ignore the fact that they want to force their prejudices and agendas into laws and make you dance according to their rules. Your opinion matters, but only if you speak it often, clearly, and allow opposition to speak theirs. Many times allowing opposition to speak showcases exactly why your opinions may be better. And sometimes, minds are changed.  Maybe theirs.  Maybe yours. Change can be good, when it is done freely and knowingly, instead of being made because nobody spoke up.

I say, let discussions ring about sex, religion, and politics. In the light of day, bigotry and hate show their ugliness and empowered minds began to reason. So, what say you? Are you going to spend the summer discussing new drink recipes, or will you begin talking about how we can ensure that those in charge hear our voices on subjects that really matter?  How many great minds will decide to no longer be silenced, before it is too late?


  1. If you want to discuss that stuff on a message board or with your Facebook friends, that's fine. But I consider my new blog to be my "corporate blog" where I advertise my brand and I really don't want to lose potential customers even if they're Tea Party losers.

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  3. I sometimes think that, too. I can certainly understand where you are coming from. For me, I doubt many of those far rights would like my books anyway. They are quite dark, have controversial subject matter about society, and graphic sex.