Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why Be Concerned About Gay Marriage?

If you came to this blog hoping to see a post giving you all of the reasons that you should be against gay marraige, you are going to be greatly disappointed.  It strikes me as odd, though, that the phrase"being concerned" about gay marriage seems to only be used by those that are bigoted, moralistic, self-righteous people who seem to feel that God has chosen them to play Him.  Or Her.  Or Whatever.

How convenient that they don't seem to notice the Bible telling them that they should not judge.  Nor do they notice that the good book mentions to love your neighbor.  Oh, wait.  Maybe they do!  Is that why those people are so afraid a gay or lesbain couple might move in next to them?  OMG...they would have to love them!  (Since they take the word so literally, one has to assume that the only people you "have" to love are "neighbors"...right?

You SHOULD be concerned about gay marraige.  Very concerned. The reason?  Because there is a group of people that are doing their best to make sure that a very basic freedom is taken from us.  It is not a freedom that government gives us.  It is a freedom being human gives us.  That freedom is the freedom to love the way that nature wires us.  If two men, or two women, love each other how does that hurt you? 

Gays and lesbians are not somehow different than straights, other than the gender that they are sexually attracted to.  They don't throw orgies in their homes any more than straight people do.  They don't "recruit" children...any more than straight child molesters do.  They don't do anything different, except for how they make love.  And isn't what goes on between two consenting adults in their home quite franky no one else's business?

Note that I said two consenting adults.  The moralistic group that opposes gay rights always seems to say "Next, we will except sex with a child, or an animal...where does it stop?"  Ummm, are they brain dead?  It stops when one of the two parties is not able to give consent.  There is a hell of a big difference between a nine year old and a thirty year old, a sheepdog and a human.  That is like saying if we allow people to live in houses, soon they will want to live in outhouses.  Come on, use some sense!

Gay people go to work, to church, to shop, to movies, out to eat...I would even bet that long term gay and lesbian couples at times only have infrequent sex...just like long term straight couples.  They are not sex maniacs.  They are normal, real people.

Why is this even an issue?  Are we as a people so small minded, so insecure, that we have to find a group to single out and pick on to make ourselves feel superior?  We are supposed to be different from animals because we can reason, and we have emotions.  What happened to empathy, to acceptance, to true decency...not some paper mache decency based on a twisted opinion of what is right and what is wrong?

Yes, you should be concerned about gay marraige.  If you aren't, a large group of our friends and relatives will continue to live as "less thans"...and that is something we need to all be concerned about. Are you secure enough about who you are that you can put this discrimination where it belongs...in past history?

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