Monday, October 31, 2011

BOO! The Scariest Book I Ever Read (How About You???)

Happy Halloween dear friends!  Tonight is the night of all things creepy and crawly; all things slimy and sneaky.  While I was getting ready to write book 3 of The Gastien Series, I naturallystarted thinking about Halloween, since it IS October 31st.  Then I started thinking about being really scared.

I don't mean real life tragedy and trials.  I mean good ol' fashioned, scare the snot out of you horror books or movies.  Mine is The Shining,  by Stephen King; hands down. I am talking about the book.  I did not find the movie at all scary. When the book came out  in 1977, I was a young married woman of 21.

I spent a lot of time working on my tan that summer, on a silver foil mat, spraying myself with water; I was covered in baby oil with iodine. Talk about scary! Dermatologists shiver when they hear those words.  Anyway, I started reading The Shining and could not put it down.  What a fabulous, absolutely frightening book!

I woke up one night and had to go to the bathroom so badly that I thought I was going to wet the bed.  I had been in the middle of a nightmare.  I am sure it was because of the book. Not able to move, I called my husband's name until he woke up.  I made him escort me to the bathroom and wait there with me!

He looked at me sitting there and all of a sudden he was scared.  There I was, both legs shaking so badly that I looked like I was doing some kind of strange dance!  He said my face was stark white.  He kept asking if I was ok.  When I finally stood and looked in the mirror, I noticed that he was right.  I looked like I had whiteface on.  Mimes had more color.

Early in the morning, I broke out in hives.  They were all over my body and about twelve inches long.  It took a couple of doctor visits and some strong steroids to get them under control.

I have not read the book again.  I would like to, just to see what scared me so badly...but I am afraid. Very afraid.  The Shining definitely spooked me.  What was your book or movie that frightened you the most?

Anyway, enjoy the night tonight.  Lots of little monsters out there looking for treats.  Dissapoints me that a lot of them no longer are taught to say thank you. Oh, and if you hear "redrum, redrum" outside your door?  Word of advice.  Don't open it.

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