Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fat Is Not A Four Letter Word!

Why is it that being fat is both something to make fun of and something to avoid mentioning when describing a friend or family member?  Ever noticed that?  It really puzzles me.

In this world of hyper political correctness, it seems to still be fine to make fun of fat people.  You hear jokes and derisive comments all of the time.  People use the excuse that it is fine, because fat people either have no discipline or no concern about health.  Wouldn't they lose weight if those things were not true?

Fat people do care about their health as much as other people.  What about those who smoke or drink?  How about those with multiple sex partners?  Eat red meat or sugar?  Don't those people care about their health?  Don't they have the discipline to only eat sprouts and drink water? (Although, I do remember a food poisoning outbreaks from-gasp-sprouts...) Or, is it fine to be unhealthy as long as you look as perfect as possible?

Fat people that you don't know personally can't win.  If they eat a salad in public, people think "Who are you trying to kid?"  If they eat a burger and fries, or dessert, people think "What a pig!  Why don't you go on a diet?"
It is so easy to judge others.

I remember walking out of a movie where Kathy Bates had appeared nude. I overheard a young woman loudly say "What is wrong with Bates that she would let people see her naked?  Who wants to look at that ugly body!"  I turned around and noticed that this young woman had one of the biggest noses I had ever seen.  Gosh.  Who wants to look at that?  The audacity of that young woman going out in public!  Of course, I don't really mean that she should. But, really, if that young woman is so concerned with perfection, why doesn't she fix her nose?  Or maybe, just maybe, we should get over people not looking perfect.  Just a thought.

On the other side of the coin is the fact that people avoid-at all costs- calling someone they love fat.  "Oh, no, you aren't FAT..."   If you are fat and say it without remorse, they immediately say  "Don't talk so negative about yourself!"  Why is being fat and knowing it-saying it-negative? 

It is fine to say "You are thin."  "You are tall."  "You are young."  But for some reason, fat is not a valid thing to be.  People, being fat is not a crime, nor is it something bad about someone.  Just because someone is fat does not mean they are a child molester!  Yet, people shun saying the word like it is.
Even stores hesitate to use "fat" or "large" for clothing sizes.  "Women" or "Queen" or "Plus".  Hmmm.  So all women wear those sizes?  Only royalty?  And plus?  Do the slacks have an extra leg?  Can't the stores  say "Large" or "Fat"?

The whole country wants to be fat free.  How about instead we start concentrating of being judgment free?  How would that work for a change?
The next time each of us wants to judge somebody, how about if we remember that old saying: "When you point your finger at someone, just remember that there are 3 fingers on your hand pointing back at you."   How's that for a big, fat reminder that you aren't perfect either?  If we were, we would all look alike.

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