Monday, October 24, 2011

Overwhelmed by technology in my home

Help! Due to all of the technology available to us, Dave and I are now prisoners in our own home.  Seriously, it has become a challenge to even watch tv anymore. 

We have two large screen tv's that are hooked up to DirecTV, one in the basement and one upstairs.  We can record two things at once upstairs, but none downstairs...unless we get another DVR.  Then, of coure, we can only watch what is recorded downstairs, downstairs!  Often we sit down (upstairs) only to find out that we cannot watch a program that we were looking forward to because-guess what-two programs are recording.  When that happens, you can only watch something already recorded.

To futher confuse things, we have programs set up to record, but they don't.  That is because they get moved around by the networks and now conflict with two others that are scheduled to record.  Dummy...why can't you make recording tv shows your top priorty?  Seriously, it would be a full time job to keep track of all of this.

We have two remotes to operate the tv and home theatre/surrond sound.  Plus another for the Blu Ray, and another for the old DVD...and yet another that we have to do something or other with in order to watch a DVD on blu ray (or dvd for that matter).  My head is ready to explode!  Then someone comes along and says there is a "universal" remote.  Except, it isn't.  There is always a glitch.  Always.  So, back you are again...with more than one remote.

That does not take into consideration what buttons we need to push to listen to music on the radio, and on the cd player.  I can't even begin to contemplate how one would go about recording a movie using the blu ray.  Can you?  Should I care?

We have so many movie channels it makes your head spin, but no time to watch any movies.  Yet, we hesitate to cancel, because it seems like a good idea to be able to watch movies at home and save the high cost of movie tickets.

By the time I browse through the guide online (because Lord knows they can't send you a tv guide that you can actually make notes on and do some planning) and try to see what is up for the future, I give up in frustration.  How does one keep track of all of those channels without taking, say, a week of vacation to look at future showings, set up recordings, and make sure there are no conflicts that might make the DVR regurgitate the one you wanted most?

I have to assume that it is not important to figure out how to record directly on the blu ray, since we have DVR and 110 million movie channels we don't use.

And, that is only the confusion with our tvs!

Now that I write novels as an indie, self promotion is important.  All of the online technology adds to my brain overload. Every day (several times a day)I need to facebook, twitter, kindleboard, check 100 fanpages of book sites, ask for reviews, blog, find new selling outlets, check three emails.  Oh yeah...I first have to finish editing my second book and writing my third.  That, at least, is not confusing.  Just wait until I need to format again, though.  :)  Why do I think I will remember from the first book?  Truly, I should know better...

My brain is screaming, I need to go.  I can hear a bottle of cabrinet calling. Opening that, at least, is simple. Most of the time.

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