Wednesday, October 19, 2011

E-books by Indie Authors Are A Great Value

If you have not started reading indie authors on your e-reader, now is the time to start.  You will find an amazing inventory of e-books out there and the price is definitely right!

Most indies price books for less than $5.00.  How many other things give your hours of enjoyment for under $5.00?  A movie costs more and is over in two hours.  Plus, they gouge you for the popcorn and use "butter" that is closer to a clear car oil.

In this economy I can't think of a better value than an ondie book.  True, some are written poorly or formatted poorly...but the vast majority of them are done well.  Plus, you can usually read a free sample of their book online at the website you are buying from.  That gives you a head's up on whether or not they formatted the book decently, spelled words right, etc.

If you are writing off indie authors because you think they are rejects who can't get a contract with a major publisher, think again.  Many of them would rather do their own thing, and some have turned down contracts!

Think about it.  All authors are "new" at the beginning. Now, new authors are simply going indie because the opportunity is there. They save valuable time by doing so...instead of waiting for months to hear from publishers that their book is good, but does not fit the market right now.  Huh?  Do they really think that people only want to read about vampires? 

Nothing against vampires, but I believe most people like some variety in their lives.  Give the indies a shot.  A book for, say, $2.99 is not a huge investment.  You just might find some new favorite authors!

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