Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Wonder Newspapers Are Dying!

Good heavens!  Last night I researched the various newspapers of towns I have lived in.  I want to send a press release about Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream. I was shocked to find out how man newspapers still require you to send a FAX for a press release.

Huh???  A what??? I will first have to dig my fax out from under a couple of years of dust.  Does anyone even send a fax anymore?  Then, I will have to search until I find the instruction book that came with it, let's see, twenty years ago.  I can't remember how to even use the blasted thing anymore.

Seriously, they are still mired in the Ice Age. Just like the dinosaurs, they are destined to die, unless they quickly get a clue and stagger into the twenty-first century.  A fax.  Still laughing...

They have websites, for goodness sakes.  They even have email addresses.  Still, they want press releases to be sent by fax.  I wonder, do they also still use those old printing presses where you lay each letter for every word in each line, too?

I simply can't believe they are that out of touch with reality.  I will call a couple of them later today, to ask if they possibly have an email where the press release can be sent.  If not, I may have my 3rd book out before I figure out how to run that blast from the past (my fax) again. 

Go figure.  And here I was wondering if a museum might want mine...

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  1. same for me! I need to contact office of the President for Verizon wireless. Write or fax. I was tryingt o remember how to fax something from my email with winfax. Do i still have that program?