Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cyndi was right. Sometimes, girls just wanna have fun.

Boy, did I need a break by Friday.  I had been heavily into the final touches of my second book, Gastien Part 2: From Dream To Destiny, and I was mentally exhausted.  I love being an indie writer, but doing the jobs of a half dozen people (writing, marketing, formatting, bookeeping, editing, etc) is sometimes mind numbing!

So I took the afternoon off.  I did what almost every female on the planet loves to do.  I shopped.  I mean, really shopped. By myself.  It was so much fun!  Now I have a new fall wardrobe and a new attitude. 

Things are starting to come into my mind regarding Book 3.  I am excited to get back to finishing up what needs to be done to Book 2.  That, however, will wait until Tuesday.

It is Minnesota and the temperature has been over 80 degress every day this week. It is supposed to last through tomorrow.  My husband has tomorrow off.  So, we are playing all weekend!

Yesterday we visited two apple orchards, stocking up for the cold months. We also gave a couple a ride home to Minneapolis (about 30 miles from the orchard) that had lost their car key and did not know how they would get back home to get another car and key. We went out for pizza with friends.

Today is football for Dave and being lazy for me...then we will go outside and play some more until dark.  A zoo?  The deck? A hike? The possibilites are calling.  As long as it involves outside, it will be considered.

Same thing tomorrow.  More outside, please!  I hate Minnesota winters! Therefore, I  will suck up every nice moment of this weekend that I can. 

When I go back at it on Tuesday, I will be outside on my laptop. I work out on the deck whenever I can.  Discipline is important being a writer, but now I have learned that play is, too. Because I have played, I am refreshed and ready to enter Gastien's world again.  I love him every much...but, sometimes, girls just wanna have fun!

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