Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brand New Baby! Book 3 of The Gastien Series is Live!

First, please let me apologize for not blogging for the past several days.  I have been busy giving birth to my new novel, Tristan Michel: Bloodline of Passion. It is book 3 of The Gastien Series and is historical ficiton/family saga that takes place duirng the early twetieth century.  Here is the description:

From the bustling streets of New York City to the smoky speakeasies of Roaring Twenties Chicago, Tristan finds huge financial success. Along with respect, tradition, and family, he promises himself that this will be enough. Having achieved peace by forgiving his father his debauchery, he’s certain that there is nothing that could induce him to follow in his father’s lascivious footsteps.

Like father, like son will never apply to Tristan.

Then the urgent whisper that has been telling him there should be more than what he is experiencing with his wife becomes a full blown roar. With a very proper wife that refuses to loosen up, Tristan learns that the passion of the father is very much the passion of the son. To deny it may be impossible, but to embrace it could cost him everything. Book 3 of The Gastien Series.

And here are the buy links for Kindle and NOOK (Paperback will be available on Amazon by June. You can click on the Amazon link and then go to paperback once it is ready):

http://tinyurl.com/7kuoh5f For Kindle readers
http://tinyurl.com/89jcpmn For NOOK readers

You will find the first two books in the series on this blog.  Just click on the book covers to go to Amaszon.com. If you have Nook, you can type in "The Gastien Series" and all three books will show up.
I am going to be working on the formatting for paperback the rest of this week and taking a week off to paint after that. I will try to blog some, but may get bogged down in formatting (and later may be in my own speical world while painting).   Thank you for your patience while I do these things.  I hope you don't leave my blog, as I enjoy having you visit. I promise I will be back regularly real soon!

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