Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Swear, Really I Do! (The F Word and Overuse)

I happened to run across a thread discussing graphic language in blog posts.  Some people were against all foul language and some said anything goes, depending on the blogger's personality.  I tend to agree with the latter, thinking that if someone is offended by the language or subject matter they will just move on and not read that blogger anymore.That does not mean I want to read blogs that have graphic language in every sentence.  Nor does it mean I want things squeaky clean.  I also realize that one persons tolerance level is much difference from the next persons. 

What DOES disturb me are two things.  The first is how so many people (regardless of age group) use the f-word in just about every single sentence they utter.  Remember how some people used to say "um" or "you know" constantly?  It seems to now be replaced with f*ck. Now, I will admit that I use the word.  Because it is so flexable, I probably use it more than I should.  I do feel it gives a flavor and strengthens a sentence at times.  It can also be quite humorous. But, may God give me a hard kick in the pants if I ever get so limited in my vocabulary that I have to use it as verb, noun, adjective, and adverb in every single sentence I utter.

I have a newsflash for those people that do.  You may think you are shocking, but the word f*ck is no longer "cutting edge" and hasn't been for decades.  We took care of that in the 60's (for better or worse).It can make a strong statement ONLY if you don't use it as often as, say, the word "the". You sound like a total fool and imbecile when you use it in every sentence.  Like a hillbilly in the back hills with several teeth missing and twelve rusted out cars on your front lawn (or lack thereof). The word is no longer "cool" or whatever word means "cool" now.  It is simply a word. So, get over it and use it like you use an herb or spice. Sparingly. For special emphasis.  Not as a main dish.

The second? How people (no matter the age group, I have heard plenty of 50 and 60 year olds do this) use this word in work situations! In conference calls, group meetings, banquets, fund raisers...nothing is exempt! This is simply another example of how selfish we have become as a society.  "I use this word, so everyone better get used to it."  I am sorry, but when you are in a professional situation, or a gathering where there are people whose background you don't know, it should be a given that you don't try to offend. There are religious people and other people who ARE offended by this and, no, they should not get over it.

I know it must be extremely difficult for these cursing people to believe, but the whole world does NOT have to adapt to their standards.  Amazing, isn't it. And please don't tell me that "this is who you are".  You also have body odor after working in the yard all day, and your hair gets greasy.  That's "real", dear. Does that mean you don't clean up before attending work or an event?  Well, clean up your mouth, too.

Is the word f*ck that important to you that you willingly lose out on some valuable new contacts, contributions, donations, invitations, and cause alienation of employees in order to show off your freedom of speech?  Rein in your tongue during these types of events.  Surely you have a large enough vocabulary that you can come up with something acceptable to everyone.  If you can't, please take a community education course in English 101.

Yes, I can be crude. Yes, I use bad language in my personal life, and in my blogging life (although I don't think I have used the f-word in my blogs).  But I have to tell you that when I did a GoToMeeting or a conference call, I refrained.  My cover letters don't call the company a f*cking great place to work. Neither should you tell ME that we need to f*cking sell the daylights out of a new product, or ask me what the f*ck I was thinking if you are my superior.  You are supposed to be an example, not a buddy.

Thank you. In fact, thank you very much...and please note I did not add the f word when thanking you.  I think you still got the message.


  1. Great post, Caddy!

  2. Amen! I am so glad somebody finally put that out there! I wish some people I know would clean up their mouths!

    1. It is just so redundant and boring. People who use it every sentence think they are rebels, when in fact they are just blending in with all of the tons of others that do this now.