Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Really??? Superheroes?

This indie author does not write fantasy novels or novels where people have special super powers, nor do I care for movies about such "people".  They just seem too redundant.  Same ol' same ol'.  Buildings blow up.  People get lasered. Yada yada yada.

I just don't get the excitement regarding a man climbing up the sides of tall buildings or flying through the air.  I could understand one movie, but not one million. I do believe, though, that my time is coming in regard to the world of superheroes.

I had commented on how those movies are  "yawn" at art class a couple of weeks ago and noticed a friend smiling to herself.  All of a sudden it dawned on me.  Oh my God.  My grandson, Gideon, will want to go to movies...and someday before I know it he will have outgrown Disney and want to pick a different kind.  What kind?  Well, I am betting it won't be independent art films!

I started to laugh when I realized that-if I am lucky enough that he is still around me-we will probably be going to several lasering, building jumping, car crashing movies in the future.  And you know what?  I won't tell him I don't like them.  Why spoil it for him?  Hey, if it makes him thrilled I don't want to say anything to take the happiness away.  So, someday I will be discussing the merits of using a laser over a magic rope, or the advantage of being invisible over crawling up sides of buildings.  Oh my.  Not to mention he will constantly want to kick my butt on video games.

You know, I can put up with the movies if it is for Gideon.  Making him smile is worth anything.  Well, almost.  I find it rubs me the wrong way to get my butt kicked by an eight-year-old kid on a video game.  Looks like I am gonna have to start playing some of those games and learning how to rack up the deaths. 

Look out, Sonny.  You ain't seen nothin' yet.

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