Thursday, May 24, 2012

Painting Free

"Late Night Cityscape" by Caddy Rowland

It is no accident that my first series as an indie author is about an artist and his family. I am only truly me when I  am immersed in painting.  The same is true for my main character.  They say you should write what you know, and I do know Gastien. He may have lived in another time, but we are connected deeper than any two souls could possibly be. Fictional or not, our very beings are merged together. 

I don't think you always need to write what you know, nor do you need to paint how you know how to.  Without experimenting new technique would never happen. Just think about the Impressionists and how "strange" their work seemed to the people of that day.  Yet, what they did is certainly mainstream now.  Many other styles evolved from Impressionism.  Some are easier to "understand" than others.  But all of them only happened because someone dared to paint what they did not know.
"Flight in the Rainforest Canopy" by Caddy Rowland

I have been taking off some time from writing to paint the last couple of days.  I will probably continue to do so for the next week.  I am not busting out a new style, but I am painting more free than I ever have.  For me, some doors have been opened that I have been pounding on for awhile.  It may not set the art world on it's rear, but I am happy to say that I am growing.  That is exciting and rewarding to me.  Even better, I think Gastien would be proud.

There have been new painting tools introduced and new processes tried.  Now I am trying to paint just the energy of different items. Plus, I am working on a street scene that may end up looking Impressionist or it may take off on its own.  Who knows?  It will be what I feel. 

Someday I will be totally free in my painting because I will understand all of the rules.  And you know what Picasso said.  You have to learn the rules so that you know how to break them.

"Energy of an Orange" by Caddy Rowland

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