Friday, March 23, 2012

If You Could Marry Any Person In History (Now Dead)

As in indie author, I really look for ways to stoke my imagination.  One of my facebook friends used to ask cool questions almost every day that forced me to get my brain revved.  One was the question I am going to ask you today.  Then I will tell you my answer.  (Thanks, Kevin!)

If you could marry anyone no longer living that was famous, who would it be and why? It can be any time period in the past and it can be same sex as you or opposite.

Being an artist, this one was easy for me.  I absolutely adore Picasso's work.  I always feel silly saying it.  Why? Because it seems like people who don't know much about art but want to pretend to, at least know Picasso and will say he is their favorite.  But, he really is mine. Second would be his friend Braque. In fact, lots of times they would paint the same subject matter side by side.  Sometimes I like Braque's better.
                                     (Violin and Candlestick by Braque)
I know, I know.  Picasso was known to be an a-hole and a womanizer.  Hey, I have to tell ya...if I had the choice I would much rather be his mistress than his wife.  But the question does not allow that. It asks who you would marry.  Therefore, I would marry him.
                   (Portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler by Picasso)
There are no romantic or sexual reasons for this. My God, just think of what I could have learned from him about painting! To paint along with him and learn from him would be one of the greatest gifts a person could be given. I have a very strong personality so I would have insisted.  No sitting in the background for me.  He would have taught me or listened to me bitch day and night.

That said, we may not have lived long.  At least, not both of us.  I am sure we would have fought.  A lot. He was passionate and opinionated  I am...passionate and opinionated. Quite possibly one of us would have done the other in during a particularly heated round of arguing.

But until that happened, what bliss to paint with Pablo.  I would have even put up with his mistresses to learn from him.  Besides, while he was away at play I could have had my own dalliances.  There were several other artists I would not have minded "brushing" into. Ah, yes. You need some time away from the studio?  No problem, dear.  Don't hurry home.  And when you come home, bring more paint.


  1. What a great question! My first answer would be my late, fiancé because he truly was my soul mate. He's only famous to me though. :-)

    If I had to choose someone famous, I'd have to say the late, great runner and Olympian, Steve Prefontaine from Coos Bay, Oregon who was known to the world as Pre. I was fortunate to work with Pre's family and friends a few years ago to write a YA bio about him.

    I had known him as a fierce, dedicated competitor, but as I worked on the book, it became clear to me what a wonderful son, brother, friend, human being Pre was. He volunteered at a Jr. High to work with the kids at the height of his popularity and spent time with the prisoners at Oregon State Penitentiary teaching them how to rise above their crimes and be better people.

    What I love most about Pre is his fierceness. He could sure kick my butt to push harder during my running runs, which would translate into other areas of my life where I tend to be lazy, or afraid. He loved fiercely; his passion for life was electric. The kind of person who could pass that energy on to those he was with.

    And he loved his family, friends (and women!) fiercely.

    On a totally materialistic note; I've never see anybody, man or woman look better in a pair of blue jeans and T-shirt!

    Thanks for this fun!

  2. Pre sounds awesome! :) Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your reply.