Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What If, Just For One Day...

What if just for one day you slowed down and put others first, even when it was inconvenient? Even those who are not family or friends? What if, as you drove to work, you let two cars merge ahead of you instead of one?  Or one, if you are the type of ahole who never lets another in?

What if at work you let your co-workers know how important their job is to making everything work better around the office, or the lab, or the store?  What if you let someone go to break ahead of you? Or in line at the cafeteria?
What if at the grocery store you allowed the person behind you to move ahead of you, no matter how many groceries they had?  What if you helped the person after  you with bagging theirs up?

What if in the drive through you paid for food for the car behind you?  Just once? 

What if, just for one day, you put others first every time you had the opportunity?  Not saying you should do this all of the time...just for one day.

What if?

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