Monday, March 26, 2012

LIttle Things That Drive Us Nuts

This indie author has a few little things that kind of irk her and I am betting all of you do, too.  They are not anything important in the scheme of things, and certainly they don't ruin my day.  Still, when these things happen I have to grit my teeth, shake my head and brush them off.
One of them is when I get in my car after having it parked somewhere outside and there is a big splotch of bird poop on the window.  If it is not on the drivers side I can wait until a car wash.  But, if it is in the way, don't you hate how it smears around when you use the wiper washer?  I am talking a huge blotch, from a gull of something.   Yellows, greens and browns stick harder than crazy glue to the glass, even after using the wiper/washer.  Yuck.

Another is every single time I order a salad in a restaurant.  Not an entree salad, but a side salad. I don't know why, but I always, ALWAYS get part of the lettuce core in my salad.  Friends of mine say they never get that.  Yet, when they go out with me, there it is-right in my salad.  I swear to God restaurants across the country save up cores just in case Caddy Rowland decides to come in and order. "Here she comes," they laugh gleefully.  "Pull out those old rusty cores we've been keepin' in the back room.  She loves 'em!"

I also dislike it when I bite into a chocolate only to find it has some lame fruit jelly or pink crap inside of it.  When they are my chocolates I punch in the bottoms to check.  Can't hardly do that when it is someone else's box of chocolates.  Who in the world wishes for a chocolate with gummy jelly inside of it?  Is there anyone who likes those? They must be the same people who like fruitcake.  Exactly.  No one.

The worst little thing that makes me slightly irritated is when I am drying off from a bath or shower and the end of my towel gets in the water.  There is something so dismaying about seeing part of your towel soaking wet, drip drip dripping into the tub. I think towels should have those back up alarms installed that garbage trucks have.  Except the alarm would go off when the towel moves forward toward the water.  Once the towel gets to 1/2 inch of the water the alarm should sound.  End of problem.

As you can see, none of these are big deals.  They don't put me in a big ol' bad mood or ruin my day...but they slightly irritate me.  What are some of yours? Hey, if you tell me, I promise to share my jelly filled chocolates with you.


  1. Hey Caddy!

    When I was a kid every Christmas my family received a box of chocolates from someone. And every Christmas, my sister would bite into each one to make certain that she didn't get a jelly filled. She left her bite-marked ones for me and my brother!

    Not to be gross, but speaking of poop- It irritates me when I take my dog out to 'do his business' and the ONE time I forget to bring a baggie with me, he does it on a neighbor's lawn WHILE the neighbor just happens to be home and outside!

    It irritates me when I check out a little known book at the library and when I want to renew, (cause I mostly read at night in bed, so I usually don't get too far) I can't because someone has requested it.

    It irritates me when I ask a sales person in a store for assistance, and I get the big, sigh of disgust! Hey, I waitressed my way through college. Suck it up! We all had to do it at one time or another! Now just tell me where the damn underwear dept is!