Thursday, March 8, 2012

New "'Do" Do Do Wonders

There is something magic about getting your hair worked on.  I don't think anything quite brings the strut back in the walk like a new trim, new highlights, or a new style.  This isn't just a female thing, either.  I know how much better my husband feels after a trim; how he bitches when it is time for one and his hair makes him unhappy!

They say hair is your crowning glory.  I believe that must be true.  I know that when my hair turns out awful I feel glum.  There is a little cloud hanging over me all day. I imagine that people looking at me think I look even worse than I feel.
Then I go in and get a trim.  Or even better, it is time for highlights.  I walk out with new shining hair and a new attitude, baby!  I feel much younger, much sexier, and-yes-even a little smarter.  Oh, the power of blonde! (Or red or purple or whatever gets you groovin' to that babe or hunk you always knew was inside you.)

It is time now.  Today I can see that my hair is ho-hum.  Time to spank a little spunk into it! A little naughtiness, a little mystery.  Could that color be real?  (Once was, sweetie, I was a blonde for sure.  Now it is mouse.  I must be the only woman on the planet whose hair has decided to go darker instead of grey.)

Here are two hard and fast rules about hair that I bet you agree with:

1. On the days that you have absolutely nowhere to go you're hair will turn out perfectly. You could run it through a food processor that morning and it would look perfect. Should anyone call you last minute to do something, all bets are off.  Hair has ears. It hears your plans.

2. The week leading up to your hair appointment your hair will turn out the cutest that it has since the week leading up to the prior appointment.  It is taunting you; daring you to cancel.  Don't.  If you do, it will laugh like a maniac and make you look like Phyllis Diller until you go to your new appointment...two or three weeks later because they are all filled until then. Trust me.  I know. So does Donald.
Long, short, thick, thin, fine, coarse, blonde, brunette, is all the same.  Hair is our best accessory and our worst enemy. Hair is part of a covert operation trying to drive humanity to destruction. But, damn, when my hair looks good it is worth the mental anguish it usually puts me through.

This indie author needs to go write some more of her third book in The Gastien Series First, pass that hairspray.  Someone might just stop over unexpectedly.


  1. This post gave me such a smile. I can be as broke as a skunk, but I still need my "hairapy" as I call it.

    You've convinced me that the streaks of pink I had added to my hair to cheer my blue mood just the other day was the absolute right thing to do!

    I love finding another sister in hair.