Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So, Do You Believe In Magic?

As an indie author, I have become familiar with all of the paranormal authors that are out there. Vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies...the sky is the limit. The paranormal genre is extremely popular. So, do you believe in magic?

I do.  I am not talking about the abracadabra type of magic.  I am talking about the real magic that occurs in everyday life.  The magic that is easily missed, unless you take the time to live the moment.

One of the best magic moments of my life was the first time my husband, Dave, kissed me.  I was very young, but I had kissed other boys before.  For the first time, the lips touching mine held promise.  In just a few seconds, they told me that I was truly special and that the boy who owned those lips cherished that.  He would protect me and honor me.  He would see me as an equal. Those lips were warm with promise.  Magic.

Then there was the time that I had read a book explaining that if you really want to make something happen, you need to believe it already has.  Not just wish.  Believe.  It was the oddest thing.  All of a sudden I knew that I was working in the field I had been banging my head against for months, getting nowhere.  The next morning, the phone rang.  They made me an independent contractor in a field I had no experience in, with no degree.  Magic.  Even better, I excelled.  For sixteen years I worked that business and I shined.  I had a 98% client retention rate.  Magic.

Then there was last night.  Last night, we babysat our grandson Gideon.  When he arrived, he only had eyes for Dave.  A little hurt at first, I was all of a sudden glad. Gideon does not get much time with Dave because when I babysit Fridays Dave is at work until the very last part of Gideon's time here.
Gideon''s happiness with his Gampa Dave and the excitement of Dave's watch made me smile. Gideon played for quite some time with Dave's arm and watch (Gideon is now seven months old).

Then, all of a sudden, as I sat on the opposite end of the couch and watched, it happened.  The love between Dave and Gideon actually glowed around them. I could feel the warmth, like the warmth from that long ago kiss. As I looked at Gideon I saw pure, innocent delight.  As I gazed at Dave, I saw pure, unconditional love; a love so strong it took my breath away.

Magic. In it's simplest, most potent form.

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