Thursday, April 19, 2012

Forced to Look at Hot Men. Damn!

As an indie author I am responsible for finding someone to design my book covers. Before that happens, I need to be able to tell them what I am looking for. I usually peruse the royalty free images of Dreamstime to find my subjects. Once I have some in mind, Robin does her magic.  She can turn my confusing ideas into "Oh, my God!"

Since I am writing a series that is a family saga, along with being historical fiction, I want the main characters to have a certain look.  The first two books were about Gastien. The third book is about his son, Tristan Michel.  Of course, they are stunningly handsome. Yeah, I know, a few readers are tired of all main characters being stunning. But, it's my party and I pick the favors.  These favors are going to be yummy. Try to get over the aversion to sexy looking men.  You can do it if you try.

This is the third time that I have spent hours (okay, days...) looking at photos of sexy men. They had to have that certain look that only I understood.  Tristan had to have some of his father's features, yet be more rogue looking.  He is a powerful man, and you don't usually become powerful playing nice.

Imagine my dilemma.  The first two books I had to look for a man who was both handsome and heartbreakingly beautiful. Sigh.  What a task. "You will do.  You will not.  Sorry, eyes too small.  Yes, maybe.  Ohhh...yummm."

I know.  Life is tough. For this third book, more of the same.  "Too sweet.  Too silly.  Ohhhh, yeah...wait...too old.  Yes, possibly."  I wanted just faces, but reason not to look at other parts...

I was extremely excited when Robin and I found my Gastien.  I was no less excited when I found my Tristan.  Hours of looking, hours of hot, sexy lookin' men.  Damn. It's a bitch, but somebodies gotta do it.  I managed to struggle through it.

(By the way, Robin Ludwig does my covers and she is AWESOME.  Here is her site: )  

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  1. I find it so intriguing how we each see our characters. I have a vague impression of my 'leading men'. Enough so that if I crossed them on the street, I could give a nod and give a s'up.

    I like it if the readers of my stories come up with their own images. That's why I would never put one on a book cover.

    It's kinda like 'beauty is in the eye' and all that. If people can envision my characters more through the lens of impressions and their actions, I'd love to know what they see!

    Don't let going through all those hunky pics get you down! ;-)