Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Turns You On? (Places You Love and Hate)

Both indie and traditional authors get to "travel" a lot, at least in their minds. Today let's talk about places that turn us on.  Not just countries, cities, etc have to be used.  You can tell me types of businesses that you dislike going to also.

I hate going to Iowa.  Des Moines is okay, So is the eastern side of Iowa along the river.  But, damn, the whole rest of the state is one very long and very repetitious cornfield.  Some of those towns should really be called an old ruin.  One building, two houses.  Kill me now.

Have never been to North Dakota but I am thinking it would be even duller. Oops.  I have been to Fargo, several times as a teenager.  That was okay. Something tells me the rest of the state is one flat wasteland.  Cold, too.

I hate Minnesota in the winter (this year was the exception). To me, there should be a law in nature that says you can't dip below 50.  But then, in my wildest dreams the low would never go below 80.

I also hate going to hardware stores and lumber stores.  ZZZZZZZZZZ. And, oh God, don't get me started about fabric stores.  Excuse me, but there is a reason stores sell clothing...

I am also not a big fan of crap, errrr, craft stores.  There is no need to paint on velvet or do string art.  Stenciling every room in your home with cupids or smileys is just not cool. Same with fluff and stuff stores. I can do one or two little shops that sell candles and knick-knacks if forced to, and then I am done. I just don't get it. Buy some art instead of expensive junk. I know I am not making crafters happy here.  But how many driftwood cribbage boards does the world need?  And is there a rule that all retired men must do woodcrafting?  Please, I have seen enough of your cute little benches for toddlers.

I also hate antique stores.  Every damn one of 'em stinks.  The smell immediately plugs up my nose.  Why does anyone want a house full of stuff that smells like mildew?  Actually, I do like some antiques, I just don't like retail stores stuffed to the gills with every old piece of crap that four dozen  "antiquers" found in their attics and are hoping some sucker will pay $100 for. Um, excuse me, that chipped teacup is NOT worth $75.  I don't care if Napoleon drank out if.  It is still yellowed and it is still chipped. If Napoleon really drank out of it he should be ashamed.

What places turn me on?  Art galleries, art studios.  Book stores that are independently owned (soon to be a thing of the past). Small businesses that dare to be different. The woods.  The woods are where I find God. I love cities and I love the country (as long as it has more than cornfields). Oddly, I would be equally happy living in Manhattan or on a farm.  I would need to get to the woods if in Manhattan and get to the city if on a farm once in awhile, but I dig both.

I would really love to see France, especially Paris. I believe I lived there in a past life and I would like to revisit that home.   I also would have liked to see Galapagos Islands, the salt licks deep in the Amazon jungles of Peru and Dominica (not Dominican Republic).  All but France won't happen anymore because I am not limber enough to make the trek without severely injuring myself.  Not a fun thing to do in remote places.

I love our home.  It is not an executive home by a long shot.  Nor is it a hovel. It needs things done to it and all of them are on hold while I try to make a go of it as a writer.  Still, it is home.  We are proud of it and thankful to have it. We have a pool and a fireplace, four bedrooms and a good sized yard. A nice deck. It is a comfortable home.

I also love going to the zoo.  Our zoos give the animals plenty of room and it never fails to make me feel like a kid again whenever we go to either zoo.  If I am overstressed, that is the place to head, along with the woods.

How about you?  What places do you dream of, love being at, or balk at going to?  What places turn you on?

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