Monday, April 16, 2012

Would you eat an automobile air filter?

As an indie author of historical fiction, I do research on all kinds of strange things.  One thing I had researched recently were popular French dishes.  Some of these dishes featured various animal livers.  That reminded me of the fact that not so long ago, doctors avidly recommended eating beef liver.  Even Weight Watchers used to make liver mandatory once a week.

Now it is not recommended by either health professions or weight loss companies because it is very high in cholestral. Really?  That is the reason they have all decided that it is not wise to eat liver?  Hmmmm. How about the fact that it is just plain filthy?  Did that never occur to you?
To those who eat any kind of liver, what happened in your childhood to make you decide that you should punish yourself on a regular basis? Stop and think about this for a minute.  The liver is the filter for the body. The place that filters out all of the chemicals, disease and least as much as it can.

High cholestral or not, do you really think it is in your best interest to ingest an organ full of all of the things it was trying to keep away from an animal?  Isn't this sort of the same as eating an automobile's air filter? On second thought, the air filter might be more healthy.  Truly.

Besides, there is nothing in the world that tastes worse than liver.  That horrible taste is natures way of saying "Attention: Hey, dumbass, you aren't supposed to eat this organ!  It has filtered out lots of things that could have made the animal sick...and YOU are an animal!  At least, biologically.  Mentally, that may be a stretch. REPEAT: DO NOT CONSUME!"

Do we heed the taste warning?  Do we notice the slick goo that coats it and think, "Gee, maybe this is not such a good idea?" Well, some of us do.  Some still proceed and chomp away on a helping of chemicals, disease and God knows what that was stored in that organ, keeping the animal from getting sick. All righty then.

And, please, don't advise me that the flavor can be "covered up" with onions. First of all, nothing could cover up the taste short of cutting off ones tongue. Secondly, if the taste needs covering up, perhaps it is not such a great thing to ingest in the first place.  (Just like duck or venison.  Hey, if you have to hide the taste with grape juice, 7-up, or other things in the roasting pan then pick another meat.) The point is trying to make a good tasting meal, not playing hide or seek.  Now you taste it, now you don't.  You wish.

No, I don't eat mold or fungi and I don't eat disease filters.  Although I do hear that furnace filters can be quite tasty, if you add enough 7-up.

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