Thursday, April 5, 2012

What turns you on? Part 2: Lifestyle Choices

There are so many things to choose from in regard to lifestyle.  I could blog on lifestyle for days, but instead how about if I list some of my likes and dislikes and then you give me some of yours?  These will be random, from leisure to spiritual to whatever.

First of all, for leisure I really like to paint, play cards, hike and walk in the woods, interact with my parrots, watch movies, and get together with friends. Plays and art galleries are also great. 

I HATE bowling.  Bowling is just plain boring. I would rather stick toothpicks under my fingernails than bowl.  I also dislike watching hockey.  Yawn. Oh, and is there anything more dull than looking at picture after picture of someone's friends or relatives and you don't know a single one of them?  A few pics, fine.  An album? Spare me (that was thrown in for you bowling fans).

I dislike bed & breakfasts.  Most smell like mildew and are decorated like an 80 year old spinster sleeps in the room. Not exactly fantasy inspiring for your man.  Sex with grandma?  Um, no thanks. When getting away for a weekend with my husband, the last thing I want is walls as thin as cardboard and breakfast at a table with a bunch of strangers I am never going to see again.  Call me crazy, but a weekend away with my husband can be spent in a passtime much more fun than quiche and muffins with Joe from Iowa. Before you criticize my choice, consider that the same man has stayed with me for decades.  I must know something about favorite passtimes.
Nor do I enjoy camping.  Um, no thanks.  Although, if I had to camp I would rather bathe in a lake and poop in the woods then use a public shower and toilet.  Sorry.  Not gonna happen.  Give me a whirlpool tub and a bottle of wine or don't ask me to leave my home overnight.  And not in some creaky old bed & breakfast either.

I am spiritual but dislike organized religion.  God clubs don't ring true to me, and usually the people most active in them don't either. Enjoy your club, but don't ask me to become a member or try to scare me into joining. "Believing" out of fear is not faith. It is only being a coward. Check out the definition of "cult". Sound familiar? Had plenty of experience with organized religion in the past. Not happening .  God, or the energy source, knows me.  I know it and I know how to commune with it. End of story. 

I like art that makes me think; be it a painting, movie, book, etc.  It also needs to  cause an emotional reaction.  Does not matter if that reaction is positive or negative, just move me. What do I dislike in art? Well, one of my artist friends had a t-shirt that said "Good art does not match your living room furniture."  I think that about sums it up.

Since I am an indie author, I will also mention what I like to read.  Same as what I listed above for art.  Move me.  Make me think. Don't give me a formula story. People seldom live happily ever after. Don't pretty it up, tell it real. I can take it; I am an adult.

Lastly, and probably most importantly: I love ice cream and buttered popcorn. The reason?  If you have to ask, you must be in a coma.  Some nights I have both.  Yep, I need to lose weight. No one gets out of here alive.
How about you?  Come on, tell it.  I would like to know more about you. Oh, by the way, pass the salt.


  1. OMG! This post made me giggle immensely! :-) Thanks for that.

    As you mentioned, I too could go on for days about the things I enjoy. But, I'll give ya an abridged version.

    Likes: Smart people who are not all arrogant about their gifts, but rather want to share. Like precious few of my college professors. Gazing up at the night sky, with or without a telescope. Meeting new people that I feel an instant connection with. A long conversation (over coffee) with my BFF. Talking with children. They crack me up and are so wise without knowing it! The way my dog makes his funny snorkel sound. Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and to counter that effect, an early Sunday morning run. And last, but not least, I do enjoy camping. :-)

    I too consider myself a spiritual person, rather than religious. I do enjoy the ritual aspect of all religions. By that I mean, the unique ways in which people speak to god or goddess as they understand them.

    I have to admit, ever since I was a little kid, my gran, Mary taught me to pray to St. Anthony and St. Jude whenever I was lost or desperate. I can't explain it, but good ole Tony and Jude have never let me down. :-)

    Have a good holiday if you celebrate this weekend!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I do celebrate this weekend and hope you have a great holiday, too.

      By the way, I get what you mean about enjoying the rituals. I have never been Catholic and don't practice organized religion...yet once in a great while I will go to the cathedral here (on the historical register) for a mass simply because I love the pagaentry. The incense, the is beautiful. Kind of like living art.